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The Best Barracuda Firewall Price In The UAE

Cybercrime Expected to Incur an Annual Global Cost of $10.5 Trillion by 2025

If assessed as an independent entity, cybercrime would rank as the world's third-largest economy, trailing only the United States and China.

Unbeatable Protection You Need With Barracuda Nextgen Firewall

Boost Cloud and Hybrid Network Security

Enjoy top-notch protection for on-premises and multi-cloud setups with built-in and cloud-based firewalls.

Stop Zero-Day Threats with Multi-Layered Security

Our cloud-hosted Advanced Threat Protection effortlessly detects and blocks advanced threats, including zero-day and ransomware attacks.

Instant Defense with Global Intelligence

Benefit from rapid protection against the latest threats powered by a global intelligence network fed by millions of data points.”

Safeguard Your Data, Users, and Workloads Anywhere

Today's cyber threats like ransomware, targeted attacks, and zero-day threats demand advanced defense. Barracuda CloudGen Firewall offers a full suite of modern firewall tools for real-time protection against various network threats. It covers everything from SQL injections to viruses and can be used in multiple locations, including MicrosoftAzure, AWS, and Google Cloud Platform."

Defend Against Cyber Threats with Barracuda's Layered Security

Modern cyber threats are constantly changing, making traditional defenses ineffective. To truly protect against advanced threats like ransomware and malware, you need multiple layers of security. Barracuda CloudGen Firewall uses advanced techniques like behavioral analysis and sandboxing to detect and stop cyberattacks.

Prevent Zero-Hour Attacks with Barracuda ATP

Barracuda Advanced Threat Protection uses a powerful sandbox to analyze new attachments. When a threat is detected, it's blocked in the future without slowing down your network.

Stay Protected with Barracuda's Global Threat Intelligence

Barracuda's Advanced Threat Protection links to a worldwide threat network for real-time defense against the latest threats. We gather threat data from millions of sources worldwide and share it with all connected security solutions, keeping your defenses strong and effective.

Streamline Cloud Security Deployment

Make the most of SaaS and public cloud services with easy, automated setup and management. Barracuda CloudGen Firewall simplifies cloud deployment with templates, APIs, and remote hardware setup using Zero-Touch Deployment.

Simplify Connectivity with Built-In SD-WAN

Barracuda CloudGen Firewall offers integrated SD-WAN to effortlessly connect sites, clouds, and remote users, eliminating the need for a separate solution.

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