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Comprehensive Security Every Kaspersky plan leverages advanced AI technology to identify and thwart various online threats, including those that are unprecedented. When you connect to the internet, we ensure the following:

  1. Safeguard your privacy by preventing unauthorized access to your webcam and tracking your online activity.
  2. Fortify your financial transactions with a hacker-resistant Protected Browser while you conduct online shopping or banking.
  3. Defend your network against intruders and scrutinize websites and emails for your safety before opening them.


Ensures Smooth Device Operation Our security system operates silently in the background, delivering comprehensive protection with minimal impact on your device’s resources. The Kaspersky Standard, Plus, and Premium plans consistently earn high performance ratings in independent evaluations. Additionally, you have the flexibility to:

  1. Personalize your protection by selecting the specific components you wish to install, with the option to disable them if your preferences change.
  2. Set up antivirus scans to run during periods when your computer is not in use.


Minimizes Intrusiveness In recent times, antivirus software has faced criticism for being nearly as intrusive as the very malware it’s designed to safeguard you from. However, our approach to security is distinct – it empowers you. With a Kaspersky plan, you have the ability to:

  1. Select your preferred notifications or opt not to receive them from us.
  2. Temporarily halt all updates and notifications while you’re engaged in work or gaming, with a single, straightforward setting.




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