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RUCKUS Networks specializes in constructing and delivering purpose-oriented networks that excel even in the challenging and distinctive settings of the industries we cater to. By harnessing the power of network assurance and implementing enterprise-wide automation driven by AI and machine learning (ML), we enable our clientele to provide outstanding experiences for every member of their community, whether it’s an employee, guest, customer, student, or resident, all of whom depend on RUCKUS wireless networks to connect with their digital lifestyles.

RUCKUS WiFi products, including our AI/ML-driven WiFi assurance, surpass competitors, as demonstrated in an independently verified test, reaffirming our commitment to delivering top-notch Ruckus WiFi and Ruckus networks.

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Genx is an authorized reseller for Ruckus in the UAE

The Ruckus Advantage


A RUCKUS network consistently ensures the necessary network performance for each and every end user, regardless of the complexities of the surroundings.


RUCKUS Networks offers a unified platform for overseeing numerous access networks, featuring effortless, hands-free provisioning and straightforward, user-friendly administration.


Our flexible deployment alternatives provide a convenient way to enhance capacity for future adaptability and safeguard your investments.


RUCKUS Networks provides patented RF core technologies, cloud-based RRM powered by artificial intelligence (AI), AI-driven network assurance, and additional features.


Open APIs allow RUCKUS technologies to seamlessly integrate with third-party applications and custom-built solutions.

Industries Served

Primary Education

Addressing the primary education digital divide becomes more attainable with the implementation of RUCKUS Wi-Fi and switching solutions.

Higher Education

Ruckus smart campus solutions enhance the quality of life, education, and security for both students and staff.


A Ruckus network enhances guest satisfaction, bolsters security, and streamlines operations within your hotel, casino, or resort.

Large Public Venues

A RUCKUS network excels in challenging environments such as arenas, stadiums, theaters, and other densely populated areas, showcasing unmatched performance, efficiency, and agility.

Managed Services Providers

Managed Services Providers (MSPs) trust the reliability and versatility of a RUCKUS network to deliver exceptional services. Whether it’s managing connectivity or ensuring network security, a RUCKUS network empowers MSPs to excel in their mission.

Multi-Dwelling Unit

RUCKUS networking brings a homely touch to MDUs, enhancing connectivity in apartments, dormitories, senior living facilities, and other densely populated residential settings.

Smart Cities

Ruckus smart city solutions are dedicated to improving the quality of life, education, and security within urban environments, much like our smart campus solutions elevate the experiences of students and staff on educational campuses.

Federal Government

Ruckus network solutions empower the federal government to enhance connectivity, security, and efficiency across its diverse operations, just as we enable connectivity and security for other organizations.

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