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Prevent Threats from Advancing Anywhere They Strike.

Symantec’s cutting-edge endpoint security solutions protect your laptops, desktops, mobile devices, servers, applications, cloud workloads, containers, storage devices—wherever your data resides.

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Endpoint Security

Symantec secures all your devices, traditional and mobile, with advanced technologies. Our unified agent offers flexible deployment, powered by our extensive Global Intelligence Network. With Symantec Endpoint Security, you can:

Keep Your Business Running

Business disruptions caused by compromised endpoints are severe. Symantec offers the highest level of defense against covert malware, ransomware, credential theft, attacks utilizing legitimate tools, Active Directory credential theft, and other threats.

Prevent the Worst-Case Scenario

Complete breaches are the top concern for CISOs. Symantec provides advanced threat detection and remediation using sophisticated attack analytics and automated response capabilities.

Fortify Your SOC Team

Smart automation, AI-driven policy management, and Symantec’s expertise empower your SOC team to address your requirements without the need for extra staffing.

Improve Your ROI

Our unified agent and cloud console design streamlines administration and enhances your overall endpoint security stance.

Server Security

Total Defense for Critical Workloads. Symantec provides advanced server security solutions for cloud-based, on-premises, or hybrid environments. Discover, protect, and monitor all workloads seamlessly.

With Symantec Server Security, you can:

Safeguard Your Public & Private Clouds

As businesses embrace cloud services for agility, they face increased security risks from the larger attack surface. Our cloud-native solutions tackle these issues with automated workload discovery, advanced malware defense, and vulnerability detection.

Secure Critical Data Center Infrastructure

Safeguarding modern data centers against advanced malware and zero-day threats remains crucial. We provide advanced solutions to secure, fortify, and monitor server systems in on-premises, virtual, and cloud data center environments.
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Reduce Vulnerabilities in Storage Services

Vital business data, tools, and utilities are stored on devices. Symantec offers scalable, high-performance malware detection and prevention, along with centralized management and monitoring for cloud services, network-attached storage, Amazon S3, Microsoft Exchange, and SharePoint servers.

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